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Dear Jenoptik Team,
Dear customers and friends,

Management Days 2018

More Light – this is the motto of the Jenoptik Strategy 2022. In the future, our focus will be on photonic technologies in all initiatives and developments of the company. Photonics is our strength and the basis of our teams’ core competencies at Jenoptik. And this is exactly what we will be concentrating on in the future; applications for attractive, promising photonics markets and thus on topics such as information processing, intelligent manufacturing processes, sensors and measurement technology as well as biophotonics.

We presented our strategy for the first time at the beginning of February 2018. This was the starting point for the further development of Jenoptik, which we want to tackle together with our employees and all of you. We would like to share insights and milestones of this path with you here.

We look forward to taking this journey with you!

Your Stefan Traeger
Your Hans-Dieter Schumacher

More Innovation

More Innovation

We will expand our R&D activities significantly in the coming years, and not only in financial terms. Our R+D spend including customer-specific projects is expected to grow to approximately 10 percent of revenue by 2022. We intend to enhance our application know-how and expertise by establishing application centers in all major regions. In general, it is important to create better framework conditions for more innovation throughout the entire company. This specifically means more freedom to explore and more competition of ideas as well as the objective to significantly shorten development cycles.

More International

More International

Jenoptik shall become global! This starts with an international team spirit and an international management team. We see diversity as the key to success. We intend to expand our business in Asia with a particular focus on China. We will establish or expand local R&D teams and production facilities in all major markets. At least one of our photonic divisions will then be headquartered outside Germany.

More Focus

More Focus

Photonics is the mastery of light and at the heart of our company’s business. This is what we focus all our energy on. In the future, we will operate our non-photonic businesses under a new, independent brand. Photonic technologies affect almost all areas of our society. The global photonics market is estimated to reach a volume of around 600 billion euros and is growing twice as fast as total global economic output. These facts are good preconditions for our future growth.


Strategy 2022

Management Days


New name for Jenoptik’s mechatronic business

VINCORION - Our new brand for the mechatronic business

Under the brand name VINCORION, the mechatronic business will present its products and key competencies in aviation, security & defense as well as the railway industry in a focused way in future. “As a consequence, we will able to meet the demands of our mechatronic business much better. At the same time, we are refining the profile of the Jenoptik brand for our business activities in photonics and optoelectronics,” says Jenoptik President & CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger.

As of 2019, operational activities of Jenoptik will be concentrated in three divisions: “Light & Optics” (OEM business), “Light & Production” (industrial customers) and “Light & Safety” (public-sector customers). These three divisions share core competencies in photonics. This includes expertise in optics, sensors, imaging, robotics, data analysis, and human-machine interfaces. The activities of today’s Defense & Civil Systems division that are based on mechatronic technologies will be carried out under the new, independent brand VINCORION.

VINCORION is a name created by combining several elements: the Latin word “vinco”, meaning “I win,” the English word CORE and the name ORION, the great, powerful hunter from Greek mythology, for whom a star constellation is named. These linguistic roots make VINCORION a classical name, which expresses strength, confidence, trust, and competence. Another decisive factor in choosing this name was that it is memorable and has proven to make a positive impression in all relevant languages for our global business.

With the new brand name VINCORION, the corporate group now ensures a more focused approach in the relevant target markets than before under the Jenoptik brand name. The individual, tailored solutions are based primarily on mechatronic technologies.

More information on the brand can be found at and in our press release from September 10.

What is new

More international diversity in our management

“More International” is one of three pillars of our new strategy. To us, being international is not only a question of being present in main regions. Rather, it is important to us to operate internationally, to promote intercultural exchange and local decisions.

This aspiration is now also reflected in our Executive Management Committee. We appointed three new international managers to our EMC, who are highly experienced in their markets and sectors: Albert Miranda, Kevin Chevis and Jonathan Qu.

They take strategic and operational cross-sectional decisions for the whole Jenoptik Group together with the President & CEO, CFO, Head of Global HR, COO and the other division heads.

Albert Miranda

Since September 2008, Albert Miranda has coordinated the U.S. corporate activities of the Jenoptik Group and assumed the role as a U.S. President/CFO. As member of all boards of Jenoptik subsidiaries in the U.S. he supports all financial activities and corporate services of the subsidiaries in the U.S. in cooperation with the German management of the Group.

Albert Miranda started his career as a CPA. Then he moved to Engelhardt Corporation (now BASF Catalysts LLC) until 1998. From 1998 to 2008 he worked with Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc., most recently as Vice President / General Manager of the System Technology business unit. Albert Miranda has a B.B.S. and M.B.A. from the Lubin School of Business, Pace University.

Jonathan Qu

Jonathan Qu is President Jenoptik Asia and member of the Executive Management Committee. He brings with him a wealth of domain expertise in the various fields of optics, photonics, and related high-tech environments. He started his international carrier at General Electric, and worked as General Manager for companies such Mettler-Toledo and Leica Microsystems, a part of the Danaher Group. Most recently, he was General Manager China & Southeast Asia for the Tecan Group.

In April 2018, Jonathan Qu joined Jenoptik as President Jenoptik Asia. Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for the Jenoptik business in particular in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Kevin Chevis

Kevin Chevis is responsible for the Traffic Solutions division in the Mobility segment and member of the Executive Management Committee. He is a highly experienced industry veteran and manager in the fields of traffic law enforcement, civil security and digitization.

He is director of JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK Ltd. (formerly Vysionics) based in Frimley, UK. Jenoptik acquired this company, which specializes in ANPR systems, in 2014 and thus strengthened its Traffic Solutions business in the areas of data processing and software. Kevin Chevis has been CEO of the company since March 2010. Prior to that, he held various leading positions in sales and marketing.



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